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Tonia and sons

Tonia and sons

Welcome to eJourna! eJourna is the place where we high­light great travel des­ti­na­tions, keep you up-to-date on travel news, post travel deals, and review travel gear that we find use­ful on our trips. We also have plenty of travel resources and infor­ma­tion to help you plan your next trip.

eJourna is run by hus­band and wife team, Ron and Tonia, with plenty of help from our two young sons, who accom­pany us on most of our travel adven­tures. We are based in the Chicago area. We plan to empha­size fam­ily travel, vaca­tions and will be high­light­ing plenty of family-friendly things to do and places to stay as we bounce around the country.

Since Ron also trav­els for busi­ness, and he’s a tech geek, you’ll also find plenty of reviews of gad­gets and devices, busi­ness ori­ented hotels and destinations.

We’re con­stantly updat­ing eJourna with our trav­el­ogues, travel news and reviews, so please check back often!

We hope to grow eJourna into a much more inter­ac­tive expe­ri­ence, with great tools to help you plan your own trips and share them with other eJourna mem­bers. But, that’s still down the road!

We hope you enjoy eJourna. Feel free to com­ment on any of the arti­cles. We love to inter­act with our read­ers and are always open to new ideas about where to go, what to see, or what new gear we should be check­ing out. If you’ve got an opin­ion on a place we’ve been to or some­thing we’ve reviewed, we’d love to hear it and so would the rest of eJourna’s readers!

Product Reviews

A quick note about eJourna’s prod­uct reviews. Whenever pos­si­ble we like to write about things we have first-hand expe­ri­ence with. Sometimes, how­ever, we come across a prod­uct that we think is so cool or use­ful that we’ll write about it even if we haven’t used it our­selves. We’ll do our best to note whether or not we’ve had hands-on expe­ri­ence with the item we’re reviewing.

Thanks for join­ing us! We hope you enjoy the site!