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New Itineraries For Great Lakes Seaway Trail

Last year we wrote about the great travel itin­er­aries for the Great Lakes Seaway Trail, in New York and Pennsylvania. Recently, the Great Lakes Seaway Trail released twelve new itin­er­aries for tour­ing the 518-mile Trail.

New Rides and Deals for Ohio’s Kings Island Amusement Park

The open­ing of WindSeeker, Kings Island’s newest ride, is just the lat­est of many rea­sons why fam­i­lies would want to visit Warren County, accord­ing to offi­cials at the Warren County Convention & Visitors Bureau (WCCVB). Pre-packaged vaca­tions, excel­lent value and a diverse range of indoor and out­door options all com­bine to make Warren County Ohio’s Largest Playground.

Seeking Out Missouri’s Wild Orchids

You hear the word orchid, what comes to mind? Beautiful flow­ers­from warm, trop­i­cal islands? A plant grown in a hot­house, to be used as a cor­sage? Springtime in Missouri? Yes, Missouri. All three of those thoughts are cor­rect, but let’s not stop there. How about vanilla ice cream? The vanilla bean, used as a fla­vor­ing in many of your favorite foods, is the fruit from an orchid plant; rum is often fla­vored by the pods of another orchid species; and the tuber­ous roots of many orchids are edi­ble (they taste like potatoes).

Caving in Arkansas at War Eagle Cavern

Don’t let the name fool you. At War Eagle Cavern on north­west Arkansas’s Beaver Lake you expe­ri­ence more than a cool cave.

Finding Fun Faster: Travel Wisconsin iPhone App Launched

The Wisconsin Department of Tourism has unveiled its new Travel Wisconsin mobile appli­ca­tion for the iPhone. The free app makes find­ing local attrac­tions, lodg­ing, din­ing and recre­ation through­out the state a piece of cake. The app can be down­loaded from Apple’s iTunes Store and will work on any Apple mobile device run­ning iOS 3.1.3 or greater.