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American Airlines Launches Wi-Fi Widget to Allow Travelers to Find Wi-Fi Equipped Flights

American Airlines, the first U.S. air­line to launch Gogo Inflight Internet, is launch­ing its new Wi-Fi Widget that enables cus­tomers to iden­tify Wi-Fi equipped flights 24 hours prior to departure.

10 iPhone Holiday Travel App Essentials

The mad­ness of the hol­i­day travel sea­son is almost upon us. Airports get hec­tic, flights get delayed, and you’re just try­ing to see if your flight is going to arrive on time and which bag­gage claim you need to go to, all the while hop­ing you remem­bered to pack your toiletries.

Don’t throw your hands up in despair! Get out your trusty iPhone or iPod Touch and con­sult eJourna’s handy list of Holiday Travel Apps to help you through the sea­son! Sorry, there isn’t one for mak­ing fruit­cake disappear…

Afraid of Flying? There’s an App for That!

Virgin Atlantic announced its highly acclaimed Flying Without Fear course — with a suc­cess rate in excess of 98% — is now avail­able as an app for the iPhone and iPod touch from the App Store — the first of its kind.

GoGoStand — An iPhone Stand That Fits in Your Wallet

The thing that sucks about watch­ing video on a Touch or iPhone is hav­ing to hold it in your hands, tilted at just the right angle so that you can see the screen. The last thing I want to do is strain my wrists any more than I already do by work­ing on com­put­ers all day. Wouldn’t it be great if you could watch a full-length movie on your iPhone with­out hav­ing to hold it in your hands the entire time?

New iPhone/Android ‘App’ gives guests real-time attraction info at Universal Studios Hollywood’s “Halloween Horror Nights”

Universal Studios Hollywood℠ is part­ner­ing with Geodelic to intro­duce a free mobile onsite appli­ca­tion for the theme park’s “Halloween Horror Nights” event, enabling iPhone and Android mobile devise users to obtain park attrac­tion direc­tions and minute-by-minute updates and tips, includ­ing wait times and show sched­ules. “Halloween Horror Nights” con­tin­ues on selected dates through October 31.