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Superman’s Hometown: Arkansas Diamond Mining Day Five and Six

Today we decided to mix it up a bit, and take a small detour. “Let’s visit Metropolis, home of Superman,” I sug­gested. Everyone said “OK, why not?”

Hot Springs: Arkansas Diamond Mining Day Four

On day four, we left our cab­ins at Caddo River Ranch for the final time and headed to Hot Springs, Arkansas to see the his­toric bath houses and beau­ti­ful moun­tains and forests that sur­round the his­toric town.

What’s New for Wisconsin-Bound Travelers in 2010

Whether your ideal get­away is to be enter­tained, learn some­thing new, get active or just recon­nect with fam­ily and friends, you’ll find some­thing new to expe­ri­ence in Wisconsin this year. So here’s a run­down of what’s com­ing in 2010.

Ohio Mentor Museum of Speed Features Nearly 150 Vintage Cars

What was more mem­o­rable: your first date or your first car? If you said car, then you need to pay a visit to the Mentor Museum of Speed, fea­tur­ing nearly 150 vin­tage clas­sic and mus­cle cars housed in 60,000 square feet of auto­mo­tive heaven! You’ll see cars up close and in per­son that are nor­mally found only in pri­vate collections.

Washington DC History on Foot walking tours

Ford’s Theatre Society announced the spring and sum­mer 2010 sched­ule for its pop­u­lar History on Foot walk­ing tours, which are guided by actors play­ing char­ac­ters from Civil War Washington. The tours begin out­side of the his­toric Ford’s Theatre (511 10th Street NW) and con­tinue through down­town Washington, D.C. Beginning March 24, 2010, Ford’s will offer the assas­si­na­tion con­spir­acy walk­ing tour “Investigation: Detective McDevitt,” includ­ing two tours on April 15, the anniver­sary of Lincoln’s assas­si­na­tion. The pop­u­lar “A Free Black Woman: Elizabeth Keckly” tour will begin April 3, 2010, and con­tinue through August.