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Turn your iPod Nano into an Underwater Camera

Capture Waterproof Case for iPod Nano

H2O Audio intro­duces the Capture Waterproof Case, a clever kit that turns the iPod nano 5th gen­er­a­tion into an under­wa­ter cam­era. Plug in a pair of H2O’s water­proof head­phones to enjoy under­wa­ter lis­ten­ing too – maybe even swim with sharks while lis­ten­ing to the Jaws music.

Whether show­er­ing, swim­ming, div­ing or surf­ing, users can lis­ten to their favorite music or imi­tate Jacques Cousteau, cap­tur­ing the sights and sounds of the deep. The Capture fea­tures H2O’s unique water­proof tech­nol­ogy and is 100% water­proof to depths of up to 12 feet, allow­ing water enthu­si­asts to make use of all the iPod nano fea­tures in, around, and under water.

One of the Capture’s nifti­est func­tions is that it enables the iPod to cap­ture high-quality video footage even while sub­merged, thanks to its pol­ished poly­car­bon­ate lens, so you can shoot from the action, not the water­line. Other nano func­tions which are still acces­si­ble from the sea bed include play­ing footage, music, videos and games, thanks to H2O Audio’s patented Commander scroll wheel tech­nol­ogy which enables full con­trol of the iPod click wheel while underwater.

Bundled with many neat addi­tional fea­tures the Capture is com­pact (6x2x1”), incred­i­bly light­weight at just 3.6 ounces, and durable with poly­car­bon­ate con­struc­tion to pro­tect the iPod against drops, impacts and scratches. Perfectly portable, the case comes with a sports arm­band and detach­able belt clip.

Capture Waterproof Case for iPod nano with video (5th Gen) avail­able on Amazon priced from $79.99.

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