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Three -dimensional security system

Three -dimensional security system

Three Dimensional Security System of Transmission Line

S three -dimensional security systems from external breakthrough intelligent early warning device、Anti -invasive intelligent early warning device、High -pressure intelligent early warning device、Weekly intelligent early warning device、Intelligent atresia device and remote three -dimensional security control platform composition,Collection "Video Monitoring、Image recognition、Laser Scan、Monitoring of electric field、Remote control atresia "and other functions in the transmission line three -dimensional security system。

Function features

Functional Features

Weekly intelligent early warning device
front -end device with prevention functions with the surrounding area of ​​the transmission line,Prevent large -scale construction machinery from illegal invasion。Is the peripheral defense of the three -dimensional security system

High -pressure intelligent early warning device
Real -time monitoring of the electric field strength between the boom and the high -voltage transmission line,Once the device is judged to enter the warning threshold,The terminal device sends the alarm information to the host device through the wireless communication module,Implement alarm function。

Anti -Outreach/Anti -Invasive Intelligent Early Warning Device
When the operation of super high operation or illegal approach to the tower,It can be obtained by monitoring the camera。Start the sound and light alarm prompt on -site personnel,Push the alarm information at the same time。Reminder relevant personnel。

Intelligent atresia device
Installed on the construction machinery and equipment approved by the compliance newspaper,Alert to break through the three -dimensional laser scanning device,Do not follow the instructions of the on -site supervisor instructions to continue working engineering vehicles,Paralyzed the vehicle with the atresia device。

S three -dimensional security platform
Support real -time alarm information push、Alarm disposal、Real -time video preview、Monitoring of Equipment Running Status、Monitoring of Equipment Battery Electricity、Remote command scheduling、Remote equipment control、Video storage retrieval、Historical images、Data query、WeChat、APP and other functions。
Function features
Function features

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