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DK2101 Intelligent positioning terminal

DK2101 Intelligent positioning terminal

Operation Site Intelligent Positioning Terminal

ground line for conventional use,Because it is impossible to manually take care of it,Must consider intelligent management。The design of this product is designed for the management needs of the ground line,With GSM/GPRS wireless communication functions and multiple positioning modes,You can upload the location information of the device on demand。At the same time,Equipment built-in G-Sensor acceleration sensor,You can detect the motion static state of the equipment in real time。When the device is in a set of movement static state,will be awakened in time,Transfer location information and equipment information to the background system。

Function features

Functional Features

Main functions

GPS/Beidou satellite positioning;

WIFI/base station auxiliary positioning;

Remote instruction settings;

Altitude positioning;

Intelligent tracking;

Detection of equipment power;

Wireless communication;

Vibration wake up.

Product features

No connection line, convenient installation.

Super long working hours,The theoretical working hours can reach more than one year,No need to change the battery frequently。

Vibration Wake up,According to the actual use status of the ground line,Awakening equipment,Upload location information。

Ultra -low power,The working current in the dormant state of the product can be reduced to 5 & mu; A below,Make sure that the product can work for a long time。

Products of similar performance specifications,The smallest volume,Easy to hide installation;

Multiple positioning mode: GPS、AGPS、Base station positioning、wifi positioning。

Function features

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