DK8212 low -voltage active repair system

DK8212 low -voltage active repair system

Low Voltage Active Emergerent Repair System

The low -voltage active repair system is based on big data and cloud computing technology,Through comprehensive monitoring of 0.4kV electricity use,Taking "Management convenient and efficient-active active active-service accurate in place" as technical features,Build a data -driven low -voltage grid network format service technology support system,Actively discover the grid failure risk,Realize the maintenance service forward,Comprehensively improve customers' comfort and electricity experience and fast service experience。
The system should be based on power outages alarm information、Grid responsibility manager、Related personnel and other information are associated,Automatically match the repair plan and generate a fault repair work order,Display the geographical location of the power outage failure in the map。
Function includes automatic topology recognition、Power Supply Monitoring、Equipment status monitoring、Fault research and power outage analysis, etc.。

Function features

Functional Features

◆  Top Tourism Automatic Recognition:From the change-line-household surface to manage the topology of different sources
◆  Autonomous fault Research:Real -time monitoring of the operating status of the smart terminal,Actively judge the risk of power failure of the power grid
◆  Quickly active repair:Research and judging the results of the power outage signal generates a repair work order,Automatically match the corresponding repair solution library according to the power outage type
◆  Low -voltage distribution network visualization:With offline maps and integrated webgis,Real -time display power outage failure status、Geographical location

Function features

Main functions

main function

Area Management

Taiwan District Management

Analysis of line loss in the Taiwan area、Voltage pass rate analysis、Three -phase imbalance early warning and other marginal calculation functions,Improve electricity safety。

Low Voltage Visual

Low -voltage visual

With maps and integrated webgis,View alarm information uniformly through the map,Auxiliary judgment of low -voltage user power outage fails、Three phase imbalance、Low voltage and other problems。intuitively show the real -time geographical location and repair status of the power outage failure,The range of power outages。

Repair Project

Special topic

When a failure of a low -voltage distribution network,,System comprehensive analysis of the cause of fault、Repair resources、Evidence task and other information,Automatically match the repair plan and generate a repair work order,Business processes are as follows:

(1) Work order creation: According to power outages alarm information、Grid responsibility manager、Anti -repair personnel perform information correlation,Create a repair work order;

(2) Work order distribution: Automatically distribute the revision of the work orders to the personnel of the closing network, the responsible manager and the repair personnel;

(3) The work order is over: After the repair work is completed, the work order is closed to archive。

Device Management

Equipment management

Topology in the low voltage platform as the bridge,Associated the smart terminal with the Taiwan area。Assisting the operating and maintenance personnel of the Taiwan area to monitor the operating status of the smart terminal in real time,provides escort for the system can actively judge power outages。

Topology Management

topology management

Call the real -time data to the user's meter through the concentrator through the concentrator,Monitor the user's meter call data,Identify the branch and phase of the user to belong to,After all rotation inquiries, draw the topology structure。


Main functions

Function features
Main functions

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