DK8312 Poly source data -driven power grid risk linkage system

DK8312 Poly source data -driven power grid risk linkage system


Power grid risk linkage system driven by multi -source data by cleaning mass data、Fusion,Establish a equipment health assessment model、Operating risk model、Grid Risk Model,Make a comprehensive assessment of a three -insurance linkage for power outages and repair orders。
Suitable for data multi -source and decentralized main network scheduling through intelligent alarm on the maintenance task of evaluating high -risk levels,Assistance methods Personally adjust the maintenance plan,to improve the safety and reliability of the operation of the power system。

Function features

Functional Features

◆  Poly source data fusion driver:Access with the scana system、DICP system、OMS system and other data sources
◆  Algorithm design that fits business:Algorithm design based on the actual business needs of the dispatcher and method personnel
◆  Data display of multi -dimensional vision angles:From the Status dimension、Risk dimension、Data display for time dimension

Function features

Main functions

main function

Equipment Evaluation

Equipment evaluation

Equipment assessment is mainly to the device ledger data、Equipment run data、Equipment alarm information、Equipment maintenance data、Equipment status monitoring data and equipment defect data for 6 major dimensions for linkage assessment,Drop the equipment health and the overall risk level of the equipment,Assist the dispatcher to understand and handle equipment risk in advance,Effectively reduced the occurrence of a grid risk accident。

Maintenance Plan Evaluation

Evaluation plan for the maintenance plan

The assessment of the maintenance plan is mainly the equipment risk in the maintenance plan、Operating risks and power grid risks to make a systematic assessment,At the same time, the person who assists the personnel to evaluate the monthly maintenance plan for the monthly maintenance plan,Alarm on high -risk maintenance plans and give corresponding adjustment suggestions。

Inspect List Evaluation

Evaluation of the maintenance form

The assessment of the maintenance form is mainly based on the corresponding relationship between the maintenance form and the maintenance plan,Get the three insurance data in the maintenance plan,Equipment risk and grid risk assessment of the maintenance bill,Used to help dispatch personnel to monitor the risk of daily maintenance orders and track high -risk maintenance orders。

Self-Calibration of Oil Temperature

Oil temperature self -verification

Oil temperature self -verification is mainly to verify whether the oil temperature collection data is normal,Whether the heat dissipation of the main device is normal,Whether the environmental temperature of the main change equipment is normal。
This function can be real -time through the main change equipment、Historical data for horizontal and vertical comparison,Determine whether the changing trend of collecting oil temperature data is in a reasonable fluctuation interval。Assistance dispatching personnel monitor the abnormal oil temperature of the main device,Discovery and early warning abnormal oil temperature data,Reduce the risk problems caused by abnormal oil temperature。


Main functions

Function features
Main functions

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