DK8602 Machine Room Operation and Control and Control System

DK8602 Machine Room Operation and Control and Control System

DK8602 Equipment Room O & M Control System

Machine room operation and control control system,Through 3D technology, the management of various equipment of the computer room,Build the power environment of the computer room、Visual platform for equipment and application systems。This system integrates the existing computer room environmental monitoring system、Network monitoring system and host monitoring system,Realize the management of all asset objects and the integration display of relevant monitoring information,Help managers clearly and intuitively grasp the effective information in IT operations,Realize transparent and visual computer room control。

Function features

Functional Features

◆  Real -time dynamic monitoring:Real -time data collection and display simultaneously
◆  Digital twin:Realize the virtual space mapping of the computer room
◆  Intelligent alarm:Real -time monitoring alarm and notify relevant personnel

Function features

Main functions

main function

Real-Time Data Acquisition

Real -time data collection

Real -time collection of main IT devices in the computer room (such as server、Network Security Equipment, etc.) Status),Including CPU usage、Memory occupation rate、Hard disk usage、port flow and other information,Analysis of the collected data information,Provide users with performance 、Status、Trend、Statistics and analysis reports from multiple angles of resources。

3D Computer Room Visualization

3D computer room visualization

Implementation floor、computer room、cabinet group and cabinet、Equipment、port、Cable and other full 3D browsing and full keyboard mouse operation。All computer room objects、Machine room activities are displayed in scene -type three -dimensional display,Implementing running status、Data of security environment and alarm information intuitive view。

Intelligent Alarm

Intelligent alarm

The system has a division of alarm function,Customized alarm level、Conditions and thresholds,Once the computer room occurs,You can pass the phone for the first time、SMS、Sound light and other alarm methods Inform the administrator,Timely eliminate hidden dangers of fault,Make sure the administrator can master the operation of the computer room anytime, anywhere。


Main functions

Function features
Main functions

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