DK8711 Smart Robot Voice Alarm System

DK8711 Smart Robot Voice Alarm System

DK8711 Intelligent Robot Voice Alarm System

This project uses offline data processing、voice synthesis、Report Generation、Automated Smart Alarm and other technologies,Create an integration with alarm information、Tie display、Special Voice Alarm Tips、Alarm work order processing supervision and automatic intelligent alarm system,Improve the reliability of power grid system management,To urge the advancement of the intelligent processing system,Forms a complete automation intelligent alarm system。

Functional features


◆  Multi -Lu's voice concurrently dial
◆  7*24 -hour full -efficiency duty
◆  Alarm strategy to fit the business process
◆  Flexible and compatible alarm algorithm
◆  Personalized content formulation

Functional features

Main features

main function

Real-Time Alarm Module

Real -time alarm module

The system according to the importance of the alarm signal,Definition each alarm signal,Mark the important level。Alarm real -time display window consists of multiple pages below,is the timing information、General information、Maintenance information、Not returning to the alarm information、Work order processing information、indicator report display, etc.,Users can flexibly define the page as needed;
The intelligent voice alarm system supports multi -voice and announced the police,You can call parallel during the busy warning stage,greatly improves the efficiency of voice notification。

Alarm Algorithm Management

Alarm algorithm management

By defining alarm conditions、Conditional relationship and alarm content,Manage the alarm algorithm,Support users to add deletion, deletion and change,Easy to facilitate users to depend on business needs,Flexible adjustment of the alarm algorithm。

Notification Content Management

Notification Content Management

According to business needs or logo requirements,Users can make personalized needs for SMS/voice templates,Easy to customize the content of personalized identification。

Alarm Policy Management

Alarm strategy management

Delayed the alarm delay to the alarm according to the actual application scenario、Alarm grading notification、Alarm merge notification、Alarm automatically stop、Alarm manual return and voice keyboard interactive strategy to configure,Follow the actual application of the user,Users can also change based on actual business scenarios,Flexible alarm strategy adjustment。

Dynamic Watch Information

Dynamic value shift information

The intelligent voice alarm system supports access to actual personnel duty information,Dynamic matching current personnel,To ensure the accuracy of the notification personnel。

Statistic Analysis of Data

Data statistical analysis

Intelligent Voice Alarm System Statistics for Alarm Data、Trend analysis、Analysis of cause analysis and alarm ranking conducted statistical display,Let users understand the alarm situation intuitively。


Main features

Functional features
Main features

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