DK8901 Auxiliary Service Evaluation and Evaluation System

DK8901 Auxiliary Service Evaluation and Evaluation System

AUXILIARY Service Assessment and Evaluation System

Auxiliary service assessment and evaluation system is based on the relevant provisions and evaluation and analysis systems of evaluation and analysis of the relevant provisions of the implementation of the implementation of the implementation of the implementation of the implementation of the implementation of the implementation of the implementation of the implementation of the operation management implementation of the grid -connected operation management "and the" Implementation Rules of the Southern Regional Power Plant Auxiliary Service Management ",Standardized for the management of power plants,Avoid the assessment of the assessment caused by illegal operation or other operating factors to provide data support,At the same time, assist in positioning and analysis and assessment at the same time,Provide the basis for the optimization operation of the unit。
The system has the same algorithm and the same data source,It can help power plant managers understand the current and historical assessment compensation of the power plant in the whole world,can also help grass -roots personnel to analyze each assessment、Details of compensation。
Systems targeting power generation plans、Dipping frequency、AGC assessment、AVC assessment and other 14 types of assessment and AGC compensation、AVC compensation、Calculation analysis of 7 types of compensation, including black startup compensation。

Function features

Functional Features

◆  Homent data source:The collection and management of the data source consistent with the scheduling and assessment system
◆  Algorithm consistency:Core algorithm consistent with the scheduling and assessment system,Calculation results are reliable
◆  Automatic test -free analysis:Automatically judge the test -free assessment records according to the rules
◆  Analysis of the reasons for assessment:Analysis of the reasons for the assessment, the precise positioning problem is located
◆  Acting alarm:The assessment situation actively alarm, notify the user to adjust it in time

Function features

Main functions

main function

Data Acquisition Management

Data collection management

Collecting and managing the homologous data of the mid -rate assessment system,Through more density collection,Get more accurate data。

Network Connection operation management

Operation management

The grid -connected operation management module includes the assessment of power generation plan、Dimension assessment、AGC assessment、Non -planning peak adjustment and other 14 types of assessment calculations and management。The system is based on the collected data and calculation results,Exercise the power generation plan、AGC adjustment、Pigramatic display such as one frequency adjustment process,Display the assessment of intuitive display,When the assessment occurs,Causes of information positioning and assessment through the key process of the recorded,Exempt analysis at the same time。

Ancillary Service Management

Auxiliary service management

Auxiliary service management module includes AGC compensation、AVC compensation、Rotary reserve compensation、Cold spare compensation、Compensation calculation and management of 7 types of 7 types of peak compensation。According to the original data obtained by the auxiliary service process collected,According to the original data obtained by the auxiliary service process collected,Calculate the compensation income obtained by this。

Assessment of the Alarm

​​Assessment alarm

Timely alert the calculated assessment information.
Assessment alarm is mainly two forms,One is through message bell、Announcement reminds the latest assessment of login users; the other is a SMS alarm,Set different alarm thresholds for specific assessment types,When the assessment items within the set time exceed the threshold,The corresponding assessment information will be sent to the pre -set person in charge through SMS。

Assessment Free Analysis

Exemption analysis

Based on the "Two Detailed" exemption regulations, the exemption analysis and results display,Automatically judge the exempted test records,Reduce the workload of exemption recognition。

Panoramic Data Analysis Display

Panorama data analysis display

Statistical analysis of the data of the power plant,Intuitive understanding of the assessment/compensation of each power plant。Statistical analysis based on the assessment/compensation of the power plant,Provide data support for capacity optimization for power plants。


Main functions

Function features
Main functions

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