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DK7101-M FBHPLC Gathering Bureau

DK7101-M FBHPLC Gathering Bureau

FBHPLC Convergence End

DK7101-M concentration bureau is a implementation of FBHPLC communication tools。Gathering Bureau access information collection and concentration。Realize the converting RS485 signal or RS232 signal to FBHPLC signal,The function of data transmission via the power cord。The use of this device can achieve simplified on -site wiring,You can realize the interconnection between devices only need to connect to the power supply。This device has simple use、High reliability、Long life、The advantages of stable and reliable communication,Can be widely used in cities、Rural or factory enterprises perform power line communication。

execution standard

Execution Standard

All electrical elements in the device meet the corresponding national standards or industry standards,and strictly execute the following standards:

◆ GB/T 14598.9 electromagnetic compatibility test and measurement technology radiation electromagnetic field interference test

◆ GB/T 14598.10 electromagnetic compatibility test and measurement technology Electric fast instantaneous context group resistance test

◆ GB/T 14598.14 electromagnetic compatibility test and measurement technology static discharge resistance test

◆ GB/T 14598.13 electromagnetic compatibility test and measurement technology pulse interference test

◆ GB/T 17626.6 Electromagnetic compatibility test and measurement technology radio frequency induction of conductive harassment resistance test

◆ GB/T 17626.5 Electromagnetic compatibility test and measurement technology wave (impact) resistance test

◆ GB/T 17626.8 Electromagnetic compatibility test and measure the antipity test of the technical frequency magnetic field

◆ GB/T 17626.9 Electromagnetic compatibility test and measurement technology pulse magnetic field resistance test

◆ GB4208-1993 Shell Protection Level (IP code)


Function features

Functional Features

Communication method

Gathering the device communication method uses a two -way feedback communication method with the RS485 communication method。

External interface

1) The end equipment and terminal equipment through the power line,Use the power line broadband carrier technology to communicate with each other,can communicate with relay devices;

2) Gathering device uses the RS485 interface (2pin phoenix terminal) to connect to external devices,Communication Potter rate is 9600;

3) Have an Ethernet interface,Topology for debugging and viewing the device on the PC side。

Data transmission function

The DK7101-M of the bureau's DK7101-M realizes the private protocol message or standard Modbus message from the data collection terminal or the main station from the RS485,Then send data to the terminal device specified by the same power network through the feedback coupling technology;

Implement the data from the terminal device through the power line and analyze it into RS485 (or RS232/Ethernet) differential signal,Send to the first -level device through the 485 data cable。

Performance parameters and indicators

Performance Parameters and Indicators

Product features (advantage)

1. Built -in power, small volume, wall -mounted installation

2. Single device supports a variety of wired communication methods (RS485 or RS232 and Ethernet communication),Compatible with various data collection terminals

3. Only need to access 220V power supply to achieve communication with terminal equipment,Simplified live wiring

4. You can automatically collect a network after equipping the equipment with a good communication list,Easy to use

Performance indicators

1. Power line Broadband carrier use working frequency band is 2MHz ~ 12MHz

2. The receiving sensitivity should not be less than -103dbm

3. Equipment supports automatic fast networking and automatic relay function,Terminal equipment supports not less than level 8 relay

4. DK7101-M supporting the number of connection nodes is not less than 32,Support multi -network coexistence

execution standard
Function features
Performance parameters

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