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DK9606 substation network to shut down smart tester

DK9606 substation network to shut down smart tester

Intelligent Tester for Substation Network Shutdown

Smart test system for the shutdown station network is a IEC61850、IEC104、IEC101 and other power communication standards developed remote motor closed -loop test system,Comprehensive automatic testing of the functions and performance of intelligent remote motivation、Acceptance,Suitable for the newly built, renovated and expanded smart station for each voltage level。

Function features

Functional Features

(1) Data simulation of IED device IED device

Multi -MMS server concurrent control technology,Simulation of the protection of the size of the whole station、Measurement and control device,Realize the IEC 61850 MMS communication simulation test and data pressure test of the entire station scale,Support for complication of multi -business、The entire station business data communication and other conditions of the communication simulation and data pressure test of intelligent remote motivation。

The simulation process does not need to pull the network,System automatic switching simulation IED device network。

​​Automatic return test of support signal,Signal trigger value setting trigger 1、Trigger 0 can。

(2) Multiple scheduling main station simulation

Build a portable EMS main station,With a simple front server function,Can test the relevant process and data frame consistency of the 101/104 rules 。

(3) The far -motion business supports one -click full -scale test

Remote control test、SOE signal test、Remote control switch test、Remote、IED communication status will be delivered、Far logic operation function test、Total trigger test of the accident、Maintenance state test、Remote Test Dead Area、Remaining overload、Quality Q test、Active monitoring of integrated tools of far -motion manufacturers;

Far -mow storage ability test、Apaca simulation test、Full of pressure test

(4) Automatic testing of Baoxin business

Software Construction Portable Baoxin Master Station,Support the implementation rules for the implementation of the South Network 61850 Inspection Council,With a simple front server function,Can test the relevant processes and communication consistency of the 61850 rules,Support and test terminal long -term communication,Storage、Query、Delete event records and other functions,With the information collection and control function of the protection of the letter of protection system, and the recording wave management function,Realize the intelligent distant motivation insurance letter business test。

(5) The whole process can be visualized and the report is automatically generated

The software will record in real time and save the automatic test process for each test data,Display intuitive。Automatically output standardization after testing、standardization、Test results report,Filling out the process。

Function features
Function features

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