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DK9602 substation Safe and intelligent operation and maintenance terminal

DK9602 substation Safe and intelligent operation and maintenance terminal

Subestation Safety Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Termina

Operation safety aims to realize the unified and secure storage of operation and maintenance data,Constructing operation and maintenance data centers,And supporting special operation safety terminal,Provide a unified security platform for on -site operation and maintenance operations,Terminal download equipment program from cloud operation and maintenance data center、Configuration parameter file、operation and maintenance tools, etc.,Equipment upgrades to complete the equipment for automation automation、Parameter configuration and other on -site operation and maintenance operations。

Function features

Functional Features

Operation Safety Management Control Main Station

operation and maintenance plan management

Operation and maintenance documents into warehouse management

Operation and maintenance risk recognition

Equipment online management

Statistics analysis

Operation and maintenance terminal license, certification

operation and maintenance personnel permit, certification

Intelligent operation and maintenance assistance

Operation Safety Terminal

Compatibility support platform: The operating system based on the linux kernel operating system implementation,Carrying various hardware drivers、System service, etc.,Provide system support for various application software。The platform developed by the operation and maintenance application platform and other manufacturers has achieved compatibility adaptation and migration。

Comprehensive security guarantee: operation and maintenance work of the automation equipment of the substation,For example, software program maintenance/upgrade、Parameter configuration and other professional operation and maintenance work provides comprehensive security guarantee。

System solution: combined with cloud、Side System,Form a systematic overall solution,Ensure that the product can effectively solve the safe operation and maintenance of automated equipment。

Function features
Function features

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