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Detangle Your Computer and iPhone Cords for Travel with Bobino Cable Buddy

If you’re any­thing like me, you travel with all sorts of gad­gets. Whether I’m trav­el­ing for busi­ness or on a fam­ily vaca­tion, I typ­i­cally have my MacBook Pro, a cell phone (or two), my iPod Touch, and other devices stashed in my com­puter case.

The prob­lem is all the cords you need to carry to con­nect and charge all those elec­tron­ics. The bot­tom of my bag tends to look like a snakepit half-way through any trip.

Turn your iPod Nano into an Underwater Camera

H2O Audio intro­duces the Capture Waterproof Case, a clever kit that turns the iPod nano 5th gen­er­a­tion into an under­wa­ter cam­era. Plug in a pair of H2O’s water­proof head­phones to enjoy under­wa­ter lis­ten­ing too – maybe even swim with sharks while lis­ten­ing to the Jaws music.

Best iPhone Cases for Travel

If you have an iPhone, you most likely take it every­where with you, includ­ing vaca­tions and busi­ness trips. It makes sense to pro­tect your iPhone from the vagaries of travel, whether that be a moun­tain bik­ing or white­wa­ter raft­ing trip, a busi­ness trip, or a fam­ily vaca­tion that involves some camp­ing, hik­ing and driving.

Music Power Duet AC USB charger

I love things that are sim­ple to use, do what they say they should, do it well, and even bet­ter: for not a lot of money. Enter the MusicPower Duet USB charger. This lit­tle charger fits the bill beau­ti­fully. We are def­i­nitely an elec­tron­ics fam­ily. I have two chil­dren who rival their dad with the […]