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Seeking Out Missouri’s Wild Orchids

You hear the word orchid, what comes to mind? Beautiful flow­ers­from warm, trop­i­cal islands? A plant grown in a hot­house, to be used as a cor­sage? Springtime in Missouri? Yes, Missouri. All three of those thoughts are cor­rect, but let’s not stop there. How about vanilla ice cream? The vanilla bean, used as a fla­vor­ing in many of your favorite foods, is the fruit from an orchid plant; rum is often fla­vored by the pods of another orchid species; and the tuber­ous roots of many orchids are edi­ble (they taste like potatoes).

The Ghost Town of Cairo: Arkansas Diamond Mining, Day One

Using the occa­sion of a fam­ily reunion as an excuse, we decided to plan a fam­ily vaca­tion with cen­tral Arkansas’ dia­mond and quartz mines as our focus. Our trip would include a stay at some rus­tic cab­ins along the Caddo River and a trip to his­toric Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Enjoy History With Kansas City Missouri’s Civil War Driving Tour

When Confederate General Sterling Price marched 12,000 troops into what became known as the Battle of Westport, he had no idea the ground he was cov­er­ing would some­day be among the most-visited parts of mod­ern day-Kansas City.

But those of us 156 years removed from the “Gettysburg of the West” can dou­bly enjoy retrac­ing the steps of those who fought in the October 1864 skir­mish by not only reliv­ing his­tory, but also by expe­ri­enc­ing some of Kansas City’s most pop­u­lar des­ti­na­tion neigh­bor­hoods along the Battle of Westport dri­ving tour.

Spring is here and so are Missouri’s festivals

Around Missouri, out­door fun is mul­ti­plied by the dozens of unique fairs and fes­ti­vals sched­uled to take place in the com­ing months, so, no mat­ter where you live — or are vis­it­ing — in Missouri, you’ll surely find an event to your lik­ing. We’ve got sto­ry­telling events, fes­ti­vals with an inter­na­tional flair, and plenty of good food and drink. So put away your snow boots and grab your ten­nis shoes, it’s time to stroll through Missouri’s fes­ti­val landscape.

In search of Missouri’s ‘Best’ — From Cheeseburgers to Scenic Drives

What con­sti­tutes “the best?” Well, like a lot of things, it depends on whom you ask. So, the Missouri Division of Tourism recently con­ducted an infor­mal Facebook poll where they asked their fans to tell them where to find things like “the best” of every­thing, from best cheese­burg­ers to best scenic drives.