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Explore Minnesota Tourism offers winter ski and snowmobile reports

Beginning this week, Explore Minnesota Tourism will pub­lish weekly reports on down­hill ski and win­ter trail con­di­tions. These online reports offer enthu­si­asts infor­ma­tion on where the con­di­tions for down­hill and cross-country ski­ing and snow­mo­bil­ing are optimal.

Camping Michigan in the Fall and Winter

Just because sum­mer has offi­cially ended doesn’t mean camp­ing sea­son has to be! Camping is an excel­lent com­ple­ment to lots of favorite fall and win­ter activ­i­ties, includ­ing tail­gat­ing, fish­ing, hunt­ing, hik­ing, snow­mo­bil­ing and ski­ing, if you have an RV.