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Travel by Train — United States

Amtrak pro­vides travel between cities through­out the United States. See below for a list of Amtrak routes, or visit the Amtrak web­site for com­plete details. Be sure to check out Amtrak’s great Route Guides for a look at what you’ll see and expe­ri­ence on some of the routes listed below. Amtrak also offers a vari­ety of dis­counts, spe­cials and sales. You can check out the Weekly Specials Farefinder, Advertised Specials, Passenger Discounts and more.

Route Name Cities Region
Acela Express Boston — New York — Philadelphia — Washington, DC Northeast
Adirondack Montreal — Albany — New York Northeast
Amtrak Cascades Vancouver, BC — Seattle — Tacoma — Portland — Salem — Eugene Northwest
Auto Train Lorton, VA (Washington, DC) — Sanford, FL (Orlando) Northeast, South
California Zephyr Chicago — Denver — Emeryville, CA (San Francisco) Midwest, West, California
Capitol Corridor Auburn — Sacramento — Emeryville (San Francisco) — Oakland — San Jose California
Capitol Limited Washington, DC — Pittsburgh — Chicago Northeast, Midwest
Cardinal / Hoosier State New York — Washington, DC — Cincinnati — Indianapolis — Chicago Midwest, Northeast
Carolinian / Piedmont New York — Raleigh — Charlotte Northeast, South
City of New Orleans Chicago — Memphis — New Orleans Midwest, South
Coast Starlight Seattle — Portland — Los Angeles Northwest, West, California
Crescent New York — Atlanta — New Orleans South, Northeast
Downeaster Portland — Boston Northeast
Empire Builder Chicago — St. Paul — Portland/Seattle Northwest, West, Midwest
Empire Service New York — Albany — Syracuse — Rochester — Buffalo — Niagara Falls Northeast
Ethan Allen Express Rutland — Albany — New York Northeast
Heartland Flyer Oklahoma City — Fort Worth West
Hiawatha Milwaukee — Chicago Midwest
Illinois Service Chicago — Quincy/St.Louis/Carbondale Midwest
Keystone New York — Philadelphia — Harrisburg Northeast
Lake Shore Limited New York/Boston — Albany — Chicago Northeast, Midwest
Maple Leaf Toronto — New York Northeast
Michigan Services Chicago — Grand Rapids/Port Huron/Detroit — Pontiac Midwest
Missouri River Runner St. Louis — Kansas City, MO Midwest
Northeast Regional Boston — Springfield/Providence — New York — Washington, DC — Newport News Northeast
Pacific Surfliner Paso Robles — San Luis Obispo — Santa Barbara — Los Angeles — San Diego California
Pennsylvanian New York — Pittsburgh Northeast
San Joaquin San Francisco Bay Area/Sacramento — Bakersfield/Southern California California
Silver Service / Palmetto New York — Washington, DC — Charleston — Savannah — Jacksonville — Orlando — Tampa/Miami Northeast, South
Southwest Chief Chicago — Albuquerque — Los Angeles California, Midwest, West
Sunset Limited New Orleans — San Antonio — Los Angeles West, South, California
Texas Eagle Chicago — St. Louis — Dallas — San Antonio — (Los Angeles) West, Midwest, South, California
Vermonter St. Albans — Burlington — Springfield — New York — Washington, DC Northeast

Tourist Railways

For a great list of tourist rail­ways from the USA, Canada and Mexico, visit