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10 iPhone Holiday Travel App Essentials

The mad­ness of the hol­i­day travel sea­son is almost upon us. Airports get hec­tic, flights get delayed, and you’re just try­ing to see if your flight is going to arrive on time and which bag­gage claim you need to go to, all the while hop­ing you remem­bered to pack your toiletries.

Don’t throw your hands up in despair! Get out your trusty iPhone or iPod Touch and con­sult eJourna’s handy list of Holiday Travel Apps to help you through the sea­son! Sorry, there isn’t one for mak­ing fruit­cake disappear…

Airfare Pro

Airfare Pro

Airfare Pro

Airfare Pro searches nearly 10,000 air­ports, hun­dreds of air­lines and over 200 travel sites around the world to find you the cheap­est flights pos­si­ble. It also has a 110% low­est price guar­an­tee. If you can find a cheaper price for the same flight using a book­ing web­site, they will refund the entire price of the appli­ca­tion, plus 10%.

Cost $5.99 // Airfare Pro on iTunes Airfare Pro - the Cheapest Flights, the Most Search Options

Pack & Go Deluxe

Pack & Go Deluxe is a com­pre­hen­sive fam­ily “To Do” and pack­ing list appli­ca­tion. When going on vaca­tion with the fam­ily do you ever for­get to pack your toi­letry bag, your teenager’s favorite jeans, your spouse’s pass­port, your pet’s vac­ci­na­tion proof, or your baby’s milk bot­tle? Perhaps in your very busy life, you need a sim­ple reminder of what to pack for a short excur­sion to a local theme park or on a long trip to a far away destination.

Pack & Go Deluxe is an exten­sive “To Do”, pack­ing and travel check­list tai­lored specif­i­cally for families.

Cost: $2.99 // Pack & Go Deluxe on iTunes Pack & Go Deluxe - Family To Do and Travel Packing List


FAAwait pro­vides real-time access to cur­rent air traf­fic delays at all U.S. air­ports. It uti­lizes a data feed main­tained by the FAA that tracks depar­ture and arrival delays, ground stops, and ground delays.

Cost: $0.99 // FAAwait on iTunes FAAwait

LiveATC Air Radio

Stuck in the air­port ter­mi­nal with end­less delays? Have you always won­dered what pilots talk to air traf­fic con­trollers about? Now you can stop won­der­ing and tune in!

LiveATC Air Radio pro­vides a quick and easy way to lis­ten in on live con­ver­sa­tions between pilots and air traf­fic con­trollers near many air­ports around the world. The appli­ca­tion lets you browse by state or coun­try to find an air­port and lis­ten to live ATC chat­ter at or near that airport.

Cost: $2.99 // LiveATC Air Radio on iTunes LiveATC Air Radio

Flight Update

Flight Update

Flight Update

Flight Update is a flight tracker appli­ca­tion that cov­ers air­lines on every con­ti­nent. It allows you to get ongo­ing flight sta­tus infor­ma­tion, flight times, gate and ter­mi­nal infor­ma­tion, bag­gage claim info, flight can­cel­la­tions and delays, meal infor­ma­tion, seat­ing charts and more.

Cost: $4.99 // Flight Update on iTunes Flight Update

iFly­Pro — Airport Guide + Flight Tracker

iFly­Pro is a detailed air­port guide and flight tracker. Want to know what gate your flight arrives into? What restau­rants will be near your gate? Terminal maps? Whether or not, and where, there is WiFi? How far the con­nect­ing gate is? Ground trans­port options? Parking rates and loca­tions? Terminal ser­vices? This app does all that and more.

Cost: $6.99 // iFly­Pro on iTunes Airport Guide+Flight Tracker - iFlyPro

The Weather Channel Max

Weather Channel Max pro­vides com­plete weather cov­er­age with­out any ads. It is the only weather provider to pro­vide future radar, so you’ll know where the storm is head­ing, not just where it’s been. Weather Channel Max also includes detailed fore­casts, beach con­di­tions, pre­mium video, traf­fic cams, a severe weather cen­ter, hourly, 36 hour and ten-day forecasts.

Cost: $3.99 // The Weather Channel Max on iTunes The Weather Channel® Max

Spots — The WiFi Hotspot Directory

Spots is a WiFi hotspot direc­tory. It works offline from its own included data­base, so you don’t need to be con­nected to locate a WiFi hotspot. It’s data­base con­tains half a mil­lion WiFi hotspots all around the world.

Cost: $1.99 // Spots on iTunes Spots ? The WiFi Hotspot Directory

TripIt for iPhone

TripIt for iPhone is a travel itin­er­ary appli­ca­tion that allows you to orga­nize and share your travel plans. You can for­ward your travel con­fir­ma­tion emails to and TripIt auto­mat­i­cally cre­ates a mas­ter itin­er­ary for your trip with all your travel plans in one spot.

Cost: Free // TripIt on iTunes TripIt - Travel Organizer

My Gate Maps

My Gate Maps

My Gate Maps

How many times have you been at an air­port and needed to quickly access a gate map only to find the airport’s web­site dis­plays them using Flash or PDF? My Gate Maps to the res­cue! My Gate Maps includes maps for 36 air­ports, with more added all the time based on your requests. It also gives you the abil­ity to pick your arrival and con­nect­ing gates and see them on the overview and detail maps.

Cost: $2.99 // My Gate Maps on iTunes My Gate Maps

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