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13 Reasons to Visit Your Local Haunted House this Halloween Season

Spooky special effects, bone-chilling details and safe family fun make haunted houses the perfect choice for getting into the Halloween spirit this year

Creepyworld Monster, St. Louis Missouri

Creepyworld Monster, St. Louis Missouri

ATLANTA, Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Are you thinking of going to the same boring costume party this year? Think again! The Haunted House Association (, a collective of the most successful and renowned haunted houses and attractions in the country, today announced 13 reasons that haunted houses will scare even the bravest of family members this Halloween season.

Here are some reasons to check out one of the hundreds of haunted houses located all across the country:

  1. Screaming is good for you! - The surge of adrenaline in the terrifying but safe environment of a haunted house peps you up and really makes you feel alive.
  2. Horror movie madness - Modern haunted houses have special effects rivaling top Hollywood horror movies, only in this case, YOU are the star!
  3. Get transported into another world - Haunted houses are completely immersive worlds that let you journey through using all of your senses with each room hiding a new horror in the darkness just like your favorite survival horror video game.
  4. Create lasting memories - Visiting a haunted house with friends and family creates memories you will never forget. For years you will laugh at how loud Uncle Pete screamed when the chainsaw started!
  5. It's affordable - Haunted houses are extremely cost effective entertainment choices compared to expensive theme parks and they are easily located all over the country.
  6. Help out the economy - Haunted houses contribute vastly to the economy, employing approximately 100,000 seasonal workers every October while pumping tons of money into the production of the event and boosting local businesses.
  7. Not just your neighborhood decorations - The level of detail and artistic skill in modern haunted houses is insane, with many serving as museums of horror.
  8. It's safe - Haunted houses are very safe, requiring rigorous inspection by local authorities before they open and often staffed by off-duty policemen and firefighters to ensure that extra level of security.
  9. It's fun for the whole family - Haunted houses are great places for kids and young adults alike. They are controlled, drug and alcohol free events that still have a massive cool factor.
  10. It's philanthropic - Haunted houses help charities by collectively raising huge amounts of money and contributing free tickets to scores of worthy causes across the nation.
  11. Haunted houses help local businesses - Through sponsorships and local deals, haunted houses stimulate the economy for everyone and give a push to start off holiday shopping season.
  12. It sure beats costume parties - The details, costumes, music, actors and overall experience of haunted houses SCREAMS Halloween.
  13. Haunted houses just plain rock - Today's modern haunted houses are technological marvels, featuring skilled actors in great costumes and intense makeup.

To find your local haunted house, visit or try some of these award winning haunted houses:

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