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America’s Top 10 Wackiest Attractions

From Toilet Seats to an Eiffel Tower, Texas is Tops for the Weird and Wacky

TripAdvisor announced the top ten wack­i­est attrac­tions in America based on TripAdvisor trav­el­ers and editors.

Toilet Seat Museum

Toilet Seat Museum

1. Potty Time: Toilet Seat Museum, Alamo Heights, Texas

More than 800 dec­o­rated toi­let seat lids (and count­ing) adorn cura­tor Barney Smith’s over­sized garage, now a site that draws around 1,000 vis­i­tors a year. The lid themes range from license plates to mil­i­tary mem­o­ra­bilia to com­mem­o­ra­tions of major his­tor­i­cal events, and every­thing in between. An addi­tional ironic odd­ity is this for­mer mas­ter plumber’s toi­let seat museum does not have a bath­room. One TripAdvisor trav­eler said, “This place is a MUST SEE for all ages when in San Antonio.”

2. Un-henged: Carhenge, Alliance, Nebraska

No time to see the real thing in England? The next best thing may be Nebraska’s wacky answer to Stonehenge: a replica of the English land­mark made from auto­mo­tive jalop­ies painted grey to look like stone. Other unusual clunker sculp­tures are also scat­tered around this mem­o­rable and bizarre land­mark. One TripAdvisor trav­eler said, “If you enjoy the unusual, this is a must see.”

3. Pit Stop: Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, Texas

Ten graffiti-covered Cadillacs stick­ing out of the ground with trunks in the air make for a truly wacky road­side attrac­tion off Interstate 40 in Amarillo, Texas. Also an inter­ac­tive attrac­tion, vis­i­tors are wel­come to spray paint the col­or­ful vehi­cles them­selves. One TripAdvisor trav­eler sug­gested, “Take a can of spray paint and spend some time adding your own piece of art or just sign your name on one of the ten cars.”

4. In-dispensable: Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia

Two tiny rooms are trans­formed into a one-of-a-kind museum at this homage to the clas­sic toy and candy dis­penser first intro­duced in the 1950s. Packed with Pez dis­pensers new and old, the museum even houses the world’s largest Pez dis­penser (a snow­man that stands seven feet, 10 inches tall). One TripAdvisor trav­eler sug­gested, “When you are done with the city life and need a true cul­tural anom­aly, stop by the Pez Museum.”

5. Alligator Attraction: Gatorland, Orlando, Florida

Get up close and per­sonal with more than 3,000 alli­ga­tors at Florida’s Gatorland, where trav­el­ers can feed the rep­tiles raw hot dogs, enjoy a photo op on a gator’s back, or take a night tour of the park. One TripAdvisor trav­eler said, “It feels a lit­tle bit more Floridian than the other area attrac­tions. Besides, you don’t get to sit on Gators at Disney.”

6. We’ll Always Have Paris Texas: The Paris Texas Eiffel Tower, Paris, Texas

It is only fit­ting that Paris, Texas, would have an iconic tower of its own. While this ver­sion only mea­sures around 65 feet tall, com­pared to France’s 1,063-foot tower, the Texas tower cer­tainly has that je ne sais quoi — a cow­boy hat on top. But it’s not for every­one, as one TripAdvisor trav­eler said “I’ve hon­estly seen oil rigs that are more impressive.”

7. A Rockin’ Time: House on the Rock, Spring Green, Wisconsin

Sitting atop a 60-foot-tall rock, House on the Rock is made up of rooms filled with curi­ous and cap­ti­vat­ing col­lec­tions, from intri­cate doll houses to auto­mated musi­cal instru­ments. The house’s 300-foot-long “Infinity Room” begins at a width of 30 feet and grows pro­gres­sively smaller until it is one inch wide, and juts out 218 feet from the house itself. One TripAdvisor trav­eler said, “Some say it’s creepy, some say it has no rhyme or rea­son, but that’s what makes it so neat!”

8. Two for the Price of One: Stonehenge II, Kerrville, Texas

An homage to mys­te­ri­ous and beau­ti­ful stone sculp­tures abroad, Stonehenge II repli­cates not only England’s Stonehenge, but the stat­ues of Easter Island, as well. Thanks to this wacky road­side attrac­tion in the fields of Texas, trav­el­ers can see two major world attrac­tions at once. One TripAdvisor trav­eler said, “I’ve never seen the real Stonehenge or Easter Island, so it was very inter­est­ing to see them in Texas.”

9. We Come in Peace: Extraterrestrial Highway, Rachel, Nevada

After years of reports of bizarre extrater­res­trial behav­ior near top-secret gov­ern­ment base Area 51, a stretch of Nevada State Route 375 was deemed the Extraterrestrial Highway. If dri­ving through, be pre­pared to take the pos­si­bil­ity of other-worldly life very seri­ously, as one sign warns of alien encoun­ters for the next 51 miles. One TripAdvisor trav­eler said, “The ET Highway itself is lit­er­ally in the mid­dle of nowhere, but is a very scenic and pretty drive.”

10. Having a Ball: Minnesota Twine Ball, Darwin, Minnesota

Darwin is the proud home to the world’s largest ball of twine, weigh­ing 17,400 pounds and mea­sur­ing 12 feet in diam­e­ter. Creator Francis A. Johnson worked on the cre­ation for decades, before he died and left behind a now-beloved land­mark, housed safely in a gazebo for trav­el­ers to see. One TripAdvisor trav­eler said, “The very nice man opened the gazebo and let us take in the whole expe­ri­ence — the smell and touch of the ball.”

Photo by juliego­moll

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