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Ohio’s Ozone Zipline Adventures Announces Major Expansion With Longer Zip Lines

Oregonia, OH – (November 10, 2010) - Ozone Zipline Adventures is the largest zip line canopy tour in the Midwest and it’s getting bigger. Ozone is adding two new 1,500-foot-long lines which will be 200 feet above the Little Miami River and will connect Ozone to Fort Ancient near the North Watch.

“Each 1,500-foot-long line is longer than any single line on our existing course, and longer than any single zipline in Ohio,” said Jeff Merhige, Executive Director of YMCA Camp Kern which operates Ozone Zipline Adventures. “When the new lines open in April we will have grown our total zip-tour length to more than a mile and a half, a nearly 50% expansion.”

The first 1,500-foot-long line will start at the top of Ozone Tower, a multilevel platform tower where all tours begin. The zip line will connect to a platform on a designated tree on the Fort Ancient side of the river. From this platform, riders will connect to the second 1,500-foot-long zipline and zip back across the river.

“As you zip out on the new river lines, the canopy will drop away below your feet…within a few seconds you’ll be zipping in 360° of open air with an amazing view of the river and valley,” said Merhige.

The new lines will allow Ozone Zipline Adventures to offer three, hands-free, guided tours beginning April 1, 2011. The “Traditional Tour” will include seven zip lines and seven sky bridges. The new “River Tour” will include nine zip lines, nine sky brides and the nature trail. The new “Extended Tour” will include 11 zip lines, nine sky bridges and the nature trail. Preliminary construction will begin in December and conclude prior to opening on April 1, 2011.

According to Merhige, more than 14,000 riders from 46 states and 11 countries have zipped on Camp Kern’s educational eco-adventure since it opened in July 2009. Almost all of those out-of-town guests have stayed overnight, says Merhige, and added canoeing, Kings Island or other attractions to their vacation.

“Ozone Zipline Adventures is an exhilarating educational experience that combines the thrill of flying with an environmental and historical curriculum,” said Merhige. “With the expansion connecting to Fort Ancient, Ozone Zipline will now include a history of Fort Ancient and information about the federally designated scenic Little Miami River.”

The expansion was made possible through a partnership with YMCA of Greater Dayton the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), Ohio Historical Society (OHS) and Fort Ancient.

Additional Tour Details:

  • Riders must be at least ten years old and weigh at least 80 lbs. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian
  • Reservations are required
  • The zipline canopy tour is open seven days a week April 1 through Dec. 12 (weather permitting)

Located just minutes north of Cincinnati, Ozone Zipline Adventures is nestled alongside The Little Miami State and National Scenic River in Southwest Ohio, a hub of outdoor activities such as the Little Miami Bike Trail, Morgan’s Canoe Livery and Fort and world renowned historical sites like Fort Ancient.

For more information visit or call (513) 932-3756.

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