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Seasonal Savings for Fall Travelers to Yellowstone Park

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Visiting Yellowstone Park in the fall has been one of the best kept travel secrets for seasoned park travelers. This is the time of year when the sounds of the rivers and thump of the thermals replaces the summer sound of summer’s stream of passing cars. The honk of Canadian geese, chirping of an elk herd, or grunting of a passing bison echo off adjoining cliffs. Now, is the time to see the unusual – a favorite bird sitting on a still pond, a young moose meandering along a stream, or a group of playful of otters jumping on and off a log on the banks of the Yellowstone River.

Every turn brings a photo waiting to be taken. Snow-capped peaks expose their true heights, while snowdrifts outline crags and crannies harder to spot in other seasons. A coating of frost lines riverbanks, while blocks of ice formerly white foam bob down the rivers. Rivers take on a new murky indigo color offset by waves of steam sweeping over the surface. Thermals are more noticeable as the colder fall temperatures create billowing clouds and highlight soft steamy tendrils from hidden corners. This is a time to walk the boardwalks, sometimes with just a grazing elk cow and calf for company.

“This is a great time for visitors to Montana and Yellowstone to base in West Yellowstone,” recommends Laurie Augustin, Director of the West Yellowstone Visitor Center. Although there is road construction this year, Augustin adds, “We’re reminding our hundreds of daily visitors and callers that the bridge replacement between Madison Junction and Norris has absolutely no bearing on their plans to visit the Old Faithful area from West Yellowstone. It doesn’t change the distance between West Yellowstone and Old Faithful one centimeter.”

Yellowstone fall visitors can enjoy affordable fall pricing on lodging and attractions from West Yellowstone, Montana located at the west entrance to Yellowstone National Park. Many businesses offer savings of 10 to 25% on lodging during  September. Check for additional savings on Yellowstone Park tours, group and family kayak lessons, and admissions to the Grizzly Wolf and Discovery Center.

For help in planning your Yellowstone fall vacation, call the West Yellowstone Montana Visitor Center at 406-646-7701 or at

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