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Below you can find var­i­ous videos we’ve come across that we were espe­cially impressed by.

The Dragon’s Backbone, China

Located in Guangxi, China, the spine of this metaphor­i­cal crea­ture is a can­vas of tiered agri­cul­ture rice fields. The pat­terns the rice fields make on the hilly land­scape are mesmerizing!

Feng Huang China, Riverside Antiquity

An absolutely beau­ti­ful ancient walled city, with wooden houses on stilts, uneven stone steps, and nar­row alley­ways. This really gives a sense of the nat­ural beauty of China.

Venice, City of Masks

A great short video on Venice, focus­ing on the art of mask and cos­tume mak­ing.

Cartagena, Columbia

This is a great lit­tle video travel guide to Cartagena, Columbia. It’s got excel­lent music as well!