UEFA EURO Qualifiers

since 2011

        UEFA EURO Qualifiers (referred to as: UEFA EURO 2024) was established in 2011,It is Dongfang Electronics Co., Ltd. (Stock code: 000682,A shares。Abbreviation: Oriental Electronics) All -funded subsidiary,Based on the grid industry,Extension of power generation、Petroleum、Chemical、Traffic、Iron and Steel、Coal and other industries development。UEFA EURO 2024 is a collection of technology research、Product Development、Production and sales、National High -tech Enterprise。Registered capital 60 million yuan,The operating address is No. 10 Kehui 1st Street, a Kehui 1st Street in the Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone、Guangzhou City Economic and Technological Development Zone Kehui Fourth Street、Baiyun Road, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, and wearing a golden road intersection Jin Shangjun Garden A Building 24。Two production bases are No. 9 Kehui Second Street, Cymbici Second Street, Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone、No. 2 Eastern Electronics Park, No. 2 Eastern Electronics Park, Zhizheng District, Yantai City,Office and production venues 23991.76㎡。

UEFA EURO Qualifiers

       The company relies on Oriental Electronics Southern Power Grid Market,With a inverter laboratory、Power distribution simulation laboratory、Environmental Performance Lab、RTDS Lab、The complete testing centers and supporting equipment of the mechanical performance laboratory and other projects、And has a table sticker production line、Peak welding machine、PPEB-8820/30 CNC pressure bending machine,Realized the company's various electrical products from the single board to the flow of the whole machine,Have the leading domestic level,It guarantees the mass production of the product。

       UEFA EURO 2024 Relying on advanced technical strength and consolidated power background,Based on low -voltage power distribution、Grid application analysis、Monitoring and operation and maintenance of the substation auxiliary system、Smart Safety Supervision、Five products of smart energy,Provides providing power operation and maintenance and integration solutions,Charged and replaced electricity solution,Low -voltage distribution network monitoring and other products。Rich product series,Provide high performance for the majority of electricity users、Diversified choices。At the same time,UEFA EURO 2024 will be guided by customer needs,Based on technological innovation,Combined with the introduction of digestion and absorption and then innovated,Realizing continuously providing scientific solutions for electric customers。

        The company established the DICOT-AI Research Center for promoting product innovation in the field of artificial intelligence,Center through various forms of activities,Promote the exchange and development of artificial intelligence technology within the company,Improve employees' technical level and innovation ability,Promote the innovation and upgrade of the company's products。Members of the center have deep power industry background and artificial intelligence professional knowledge,Details that can deeply understand the operation of the power system,and use advanced artificial intelligence technology to process and analyze massive data。

        After more than 10 years of sustainable development,UEFA EURO 2024 Obtain ISO9001 quality management system certification、ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification、ISO45001 Occupation Health and Safety Management System Certification、ISO20000 IT service management system certification、ISO27001 Information Security Management System Certification Five System Certification。In terms of system integration and power operation and maintenance,Get information system integration and service qualification three -level certificate,ITSS information technology service operation and maintenance standard three -level compliance certificate。In terms of software development ability,Obtain CMMI5 (Software Mature Integrated Model 5)。The company has many years of automation and informatization and other related products research and development experience,At present, the main products independently developed are low -pressure fault active repair systems、Smart Machine House Operation and Molecular Management System、Dual factor authentication system、Auxiliary service assessment evaluation system and smart voice alarm system and other software products,and the matching monitoring terminal、Fusion terminal、Intelligent control device、Low -voltage circuit measurement and control terminal、The auxiliary identification device of the knife gates and various FBHPLC sensors and other terminal products。As of the present,The company has 54 items of computer software copyright registration certificate,Invention patent 5 items,7 useful new patents,Appearance patent 2 items,Total 68 items。

Business scope

Scope of Business

Information Electronic Technology Services; Electronic Automation Engineering Installation Service; Electronic Equipment Recycling Technology Consultation Service; Information Technology Consultation Service; Electronic Equipment Engineering Installation Service; Computer Network System Engineering Service; Computer Technology Development、Technical services; Electronic、Research on Communication and Automatic Control Technology、开发;电力电子技术服务;电力工程设计服务;电力电子元器件制造;电力金具制造;科技信息咨询服务;软件开发;电子元器件批发;电子产品批发;电子元器件零售;电子产品零售; General Machinery and Equipment Sales; GM Machinery Equipment Retail; Charging Pile Manufacturing; Charging Pile Sale; Installation of Charging Pile Facilities、管理;通讯设备及配套设备批发;仪器仪表批发;金属及金属矿批发(国家专营专控类除外);金属制品批发;化工产品批发(危险化学品除外);化工产品零售(危险化学Except for product removal); network information technology promotion service; computer application electronic equipment manufacturing; power gold tool manufacturing; electrical equipment manufacturing; industrial automatic control system equipment manufacturing; electrical instrumentation manufacturing; information system integration service; power distribution switch control equipment manufacturing; electrical signal; electrical signal、Development; wholesale office equipment consumables; wholesale office equipment; retail of office equipment consumables; human resources outsourcing; accepting labor outsourcing service。

Business scope

Design Future

Achieved Dream

Achievement Dream

Development process

Development process



2018 - 2012



To promote the establishment of product innovation in the field of artificial intelligenceDICOT-AI Research Center,Center through various forms of activities,Promote the exchange and development of artificial intelligence technology within the company,Improve employees' technical level and innovation ability,Promote the innovation and upgrade of the company's products。


Get software maturity level 5 (CMMI-5) certification
Launched smart low -pressure monitoring device DK9005,Implement data transmission、Data collection and processing、Measurement and electricity collection function、Alarm function、Remote control function、Parameter query and settings、Monitoring of Electric Energy Quality、Local interface、Data storage、即 Plug and play and remote maintenance function


Introduction of intelligent security equipment management terminal DK2010-G、Identify the instrument,Paradise team security equipment management system and Internet of Things technology based on electronic label technology,Identify the instrument、Storage、Monitoring and Management Equipment,Supporting cloud platform、Comprehensive Management System、terminal management system、Mobile applications constitute a three -dimensional three -dimensional management system


Launched a big data -based low -voltage with network cloud platform DK8100,For UEFA EURO 2024, the full coverage of cloud-tube-edge-end product series in the low-voltage distribution network and the comprehensive energy field
Through the identification of national high -tech enterprises


Launched 3D visual transformation power station intelligent operation and maintenance platform and 3D visual machine room intelligent operation and maintenance platform。
Get software maturity level 3 (CMMI-3) certification


Oriental electronic charging pile adopts UEFA EURO 2024 charging technology and solution,Winning the first batch of charging pile projects in the Southern Power Grid,and successfully complete the project implementation。


Launched the DK300 digital KVM extender series products,and use this as the technical core,Combined dual-factor U-Key Technology,Transparent extension requirements for the application scenario of the main site system for power deployment network,Provide various computer room equipment KVM extension solutions。


UEFA EURO 2024 and ABB in -depth cooperation,The first fusion solution for the distribution network on the Southern Power Grid,and put a large scale at the Foshan Power Supply Bureau in operation。


Established by UEFA EURO Qualifiers, controlled by Dongfang Electronics Co., Ltd.,Promoting the refined marketing and service localization of Oriental Electronics in the Southern Power Grid market,Realized technical extension and plan expansion。
Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

Enterprise Culture


People -oriented,Respect knowledge、Respect talents,Respect innovation,Stimulate employee potential and creativity


Absorb the advantages and strengths of each other, improve team operation efficiency


Full of ideals, always enthusiasm, firm belief, perseverance


Always pursue better, higher, and stronger


Provide perfect service,Customer value,Realize corporate goals,Guarantee employee interests


Be honest, do things honestly, loyal enterprises, keep society