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UEFA EURO 2024 again won the "Horse Racing" project of Southern Power Grid Artificial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd.

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        UEFA EURO 2024Dicot-AI Research Center follows the third batch of artificial intelligence application scenario algorithms after the project,The fourth batch of artificial intelligence application scenarios algorithm & ldquo; horse racing & rdquo; project。
        This time the Southern Network Artificial Intelligence Company's & ldquo; horse racing & rdquo;,Intelligent analysis for the risk of the on -site operation of the distribution network、Warehouse materials intelligent invent、New Energy Power Generation Predictive Forecast,It aims to choose safety operations、High -quality algorithms of materials such as material supply and power generation power forecast。UEFA EURO 2024Dicot-AI Research Center algorithm team to give full play to the teamwork spirit,ingredients innovation,Intelligent inventory in the warehouse material、New Energy Power Generation Power Forecast two scenarios are excellent in the two scenarios and won the bid for excellent performance and successfully win the bid。
        DICOT-AI Research Center is a research institution for UEFA EURO 2024 to promote the innovation of products in the field of artificial intelligence,The center through the form of activities in a formal form,Promote the exchange and development of artificial intelligence technology within the company,Improve employees' technical level and innovation ability,Promote the innovation and upgrade of the company's products。Members of the center have deep power industry background and artificial intelligence professional knowledge,Details that can deeply understand the operation of the power system,and use advanced artificial intelligence technology to process and analyze massive data。Future,UEFA EURO 2024Dicot-AI Research Center will continue to dig deep into the power AI application scenario,Help Power Grid Digital Smart Transformation。