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DK6101-RDS door state sensor

DK6101-RDS door state sensor

Door Status Sensor

DK6102-S door state sensor (door magnetic switch) is a door magnetic switch terminal product facing the power-based strong magnetic field environment。

execution standard

Execution Standard


Function features

Functional Features

The door magnetic switch can achieve a series of linkage functions after connecting to the hosting host:
1) The door magnetic switch and video linkage,When the door is opened,Video automatically rotates to the access control position and starts the camera,When the camera is a period of time, return to the default location,So all the personnel enter and exit are recorded by frequently,When abnormal conditions occur, you can provide the basis of video survey
2) The door magnetic switch is linked to lighting
Automatically open the lighting when the door is opened
Automatically turn off the lighting when closing the door
3) The door magnetic switch is linked to the fan
When opening the door, open the fan to transport oxygen,Provide a good ventilation environment for inspectors
4) The magnetic switch with the door with cloth/withdrawal
When the monitoring center opens the door remotely or the authorized access card opening, it will be automatically retreated,If you do not trigger the alarm,Otherwise, start the alarm,Automatically distribute defense after the access control is closed

execution standard
Function features

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