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DK6101-FTH temperature and humidity sensor

DK6101-FTH temperature and humidity sensor

Temperator and Humidity Sensor

DK6101-FTH temperature and humidity sensor is used to monitor various indoor environments such as machine rooms、The temperature and humidity of the power distribution room and other environments。DK6101 The temperature and humidity sensor has two wired communication methods (FBHPLC、RS485、),Good compatibility、High stability,Can meet the majority of communication requirements。

Function features

Functional Features

Parameters of the power distribution room environmental parameters

The sensor can monitor the real -time value of the power distribution room and transform the data obtained data into digital signal to the information collection terminal or the distribution monitoring terminal,then uploaded from these data collection terminals to the main station。

The environmental parameters of the power distribution room exceed the standard

The sensor itself has the default alarm threshold,When the monitored parameters exceed the normal safety range,Sensor automatically emits sound alarms to inform the on -site operator and upload alarm information to the main station,so that on -site operators take reasonable measures or withdraw from the work site。

Communication function

Support RS-485 communication and FBHPLC two-way feedback coupled communication technology with standard MODBUS,Only by accessing the AC220V power cord can realize the interconnection of the terminal equipment and the bureau equipment。

Performance parameters and indicators

Performance Parameters and Indicators

Measurement range

Temperature measurement range: -40 ° C to 85 ° C.

Humidity measurement range: 0% to 99.9% RH (no condensed)

Measurement accuracy

Temperature measurement accuracy: & plusmn; 0.3 ℃

Humidity measurement accuracy: & plusmn; 3%RH

Alarm threshold (default)

Temperature alarm threshold (default): 50 ℃

Humid alarm threshold (default): 99%RH

Communication bandwidth

FBHPLC communication bandwidth: 2MHz ~ 12MHz

Function features
Performance parameters

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