Low -voltage series

DK9005 fusion terminal

DK9005 fusion terminal


DK9005 function includes data transmission、Data collection and processing、Measurement and electricity collection function、Alarm function、Remote control function、Parameter query and settings、Monitoring of Electric Energy Quality、Local interface、Data storage、即 Plug and play and remote maintenance function。With distribution data collection、Measurement data statistics、User Energy Watch Copy、Received compensation control、Data data access and other convergence functions。One device can read all data in the power distribution room,Classification Uploaded to the power distribution main station、Measurement main station or the Internet of Things platform。

Functional features

Functional Features

Data collection

RS-485 bus、Broadband carrier、dual -mode and other communication methods,and Electric Form、Smart Subsidant (branch) switch、Division (branch) monitoring unit、Smart Revice Compensation Capacitor Communication,Support data real -time collection、Timing automatic collection、Automatic copying and other functions;

The number of single -phase power meters is not less than 1,000,Among them, there are no less than 20 key users,The number of three -phase multi -functional power meters is not less than 200。

Measurement and electricity collection

Measurement accuracy: level 1 level; level 2 level 2。Measurement accuracy Related technical indicators meet the requirements of the "Technical Specifications for the Technical Specifications of the Sanxiang Multifunctional Electric Power Meter of China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd.";

Electric Energy Measurement: Support positive merit、Inverse power measurement function; with time -sharing metering function,I have merit、The powerless energy accumulates and stores the total tip of the storage according to the corresponding periods、Peak、flat、Valley Energy;

Electricity calculation and frozen: It can store 12 settlement daily consumption data,Settlement time can be set。Support the power freezing function。

Information response time

The response time of the local remote letter variable position is not more than 50ms ,Yaoxin variable position actively sent to power distribution automation or metering automation main station time,It does not exceed 1 s when using optical fiber communication , When using wireless communication when the communication is normal,, No more than 1 0 s;

Important telemetry information,Do not exceed 3S when using optical fiber communication,When using wireless communication when the communication is normal,,No more than 20s。

Other indicators

Sanyao: Support 4 remote faith, 2nd road remote control, 1 remote test;

Storage: Support event records and data storage functions;

Statistics: Support low -voltage metering data statistics、Power shutdown statistics function;

Alarm: Support multiple alarm generation and alarm collection functions;

Query: Support the main site inquiry and set various parameters,Support the main station and other functions;

Monitoring: Support Electric Energy Quality Monitoring,Three -phase voltage、Electricity of current、power factor、Harmony and other real -time monitoring。

Performance parameters and indicators

Performance Parameters and Indicators

Multi -platform interconnection

Built -in 3 independent 4G communication module,Support 2/3/4G full Netcom,GPRS/CDMA as the main communication method,It can be automated with power distribution automation at the same time、Measurement Main Station and South China Global IoT platform interconnection。

plug and play

Download the archives from the main station to the smart low -voltage monitoring device,The parameter configuration between this device and the main station can be automatically completed and the parameter configuration between the device and the secondary device,Realize the southbound interface、Plug in the north -direction interface。

Powerful software and hardware platform

Use domestic industrial -grade quad -core 64 -bit processor,standard 1G+8G storage, Main frequency 1.3 GH Z , Run Linux operating system。

Built -in encryption module

Support National Sm1 、SM2 、SM3 、SM4 algorithm, National Secret IPSEC-VPN protocol, Support power scheduling digital certificate。

container technology

Support multi -container parallel deployment,Realize the separation of business applications to the underlying system of software and hardware,Support flexible expansion and deployment; at the same time, with business software guardianship process,Fast recovery after failure,Safe and reliable。

Agreement conversion

With rich protocol library,Support Far Movement 101 Period、104 Period、DL/T645、MQTT protocol、MODBUS protocols and other power regulations and communication protocols。

Built -in backup power supply

Built -in large capacity supercapacitors as a reserve power,When the intelligent low -voltage monitoring device is out of power,The backup power supply automatically invests seamlessly and maintains the functions of various functions of the device for no less than 15 minutes。

Rich and diverse communication interfaces

2 Road Ethernet port;

5 RS485 interface;

2 RS232;

1 CAN communication interface;

1 road USB interface and 1 TYP E -C interface。

Performance parameters and indicators
Functional features
Performance parameters

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