Low -voltage series

DK9001 Disposal monitoring terminal

DK9001 Disposal monitoring terminal

Distice Transformer Monitoring Terminal

Dating monitoring terminals are mainly used in smart power distribution rooms、substation、Energy Storage Station、Photovoltaic Station、Low low pressure platform area and other environments,Monitoring matching、Differential adjustable resources,At the same time, it can add control distributed and adjustable resources according to needs、Auxiliary flexible scheduling and other functions,Implementing power grid energy、Energy and other distributed adjustable resources integrated aggregate aggregation response to the unified coordination and control of the entire site system。

Functional features


Period support

D L / T 6 3 4. 5 1 0 1, D L / T 6 3 4. 5 1 0 4、M O D B U S protocol、m Q T T protocol;

"Q / C S G 1 1 1 1 0 9 0 4-20 0 1 3 Measurement of Automated Terminal Uplinking Communication Period";

"DL/T-20 remaining current action protector communication provisions";

"D L / T 6 4 5-2 0 0 7 Multifunctional Energy Forms", etc.。

Edge calculation function

Monitoring with the load of the platform area、Licken Control、Alarm analysis、Line loss analysis、Topping recognition、Failure Research、Unbalanced analysis and governance functions;

With energy control and management、Localization Economic Strategy、Demand side response、Insert and use functions;

With carbon neutral and edge calculation function,Access to BMS locally、PCS,Implement scheduling instruction control。

Time function

Support Beidou、GPS or main station school function。Sino -time error of the timing unit & le; & plusmn; 0.5s/d 。

Event function

With the order of event order recording function,can be transmitted to the main station,Soe resolution is not greater than 2ms 。

Frozen function

Can flexibly configure the freezing cycle,Including minutes of freezing、Daily frozen、Monthly frozen, etc.;。

Frozen content and corresponding data identifications meet the requirements of D L / T 6 4 5-2 0 7 and its filing documents, Frozen power can be copied through R S 4 8 5, Easy to enter power analysis and line loss statistics

Functional features

Performance parameters and indicators

Performance Parameters and Indicators

High -performance localization platform

CPU: Domestic chemical industry -grade 64 -bit multi -core processor,Main frequency & gt; 1GHz;

RAM: 1g (scalable);

ROM: 8G (scalable).

Rich communication interface

Configuration 1: 2 x Ethernet, 8 x R S 4 8 5 , 2 x c a n , 2 x u s b 2. 0;

Configuration 2: 4 x Ethernet, 6 x R S 4 8 5 , 2 x R s 2 3 2 , 1 x c a n , 2 x u s b 3. 0 , Support broadband carrier、Support L o r A / 4 3 3 m h z;

Configuration 3: 2 x Ethernet, 4 x R s 2 3 2 , 2 x u s B 2. 0 , Support G P S 、Beidou positioning。

With Sanyao Function

Configuration 1: Three -phase voltage current,7x Yaoxin input,4x remote control output;

Configuration 2: 8X remote letter input, 2x remote control output.

Support 3/4 G communication

Have 2 independent GPRS/CDMA communication interface,5G optional;

Support National Secret S M 1 、s m 2 、s m 3 、S M 4 algorithm;

Support National I P S E C -V P N protocol, Support power scheduling digital certificate。

Measurement accuracy

Level 1 in merit, 2 levels of 2;

Measurement accuracy Related technical indicators Meet the requirements of "Technical Specifications for the Technical Specification of Sanxiang Multifunctional Electric Power Meter of China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd."。

Spare power supply

Built -in large capacity supercapacitors as a reserve power,When the intelligent low -voltage monitoring device is out of power,The backup power supply is automatically seamlessly invested and the functions of the device work normally, working at no less than 15 minutes。

Functional features
Performance parameter indicators

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